Uploading photos

Does anyone know how to upload a photo associated with a point of interest?

In this particular case, I would like to add photos I have taken of city-owned bike racks around town to POI’s representing those bike racks. Having these photos associated with the POI’s will help people judge the quality of the bike parking.

I click on the camera icon that should allow me to upload a photo, but nothing happens. My browser says “transferring data from openstreetmap.org,” then it says “done,” but nothing has happened. Does anyone happen to know what is going on?


There’s no way of adding photos to OpenStreetMap directly.
There is OpenStreetPhoto which is a separate project for this: http://openstreetphoto.org/
I think its currently in development, so may not be very easy to use or working properly etc.

I think the camera icon in Potlatch is to load photos from OpenStreetPhoto (or somewhere else if you change the settings). So you first need to upload your photos somewhere, then you can view them in Potlatch to help editing.

Or if its specifically for cycle facilities, there’s the Cyclestreets photomap, which you can add photos to: http://www.cyclestreets.net/photomap/
Though I think its UK only.