Uploading Photographs of Places and Streets Mapped

Hello and Good Day,

Just like Google Maps, is there any “direct” way of Uploading Photographs of Places and Streets Mapped other than third party?

Unlike Google most services related to OSM are third party. Most of the maps and routers out there based on OSM data are third party. So, the answer is no.

OSM based applications can of course link any images from public galleries based on geo-location or wikidata item.

There is a tag for linking pictures. https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Photo_linking

Yes there is. But I advise against doing as described. First of all it’s very subjective of what gets linked, and secondly there isn’t always a one to one relationship image to object. Also have a look at the description of the image tag for some critical review.

Anyway it also involves a third party image hoster. And if you have to ivolve one anyway it is in my opion much better to try to establish the links based on wikidata item or geo-location.

:slight_smile: thank you for the reply and guidance…will do the same way