Uploading GPX Node points for Fire Hydrants

I am mapping Fire Hydrants and want to develop and easy way to upload Hydrant points using a gpx file format.

Is this the correct data to upload the Hydrant Points

<?xml version="1.0"> Regards Jeff

There is a process for importing data into OSM - see https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Import/Guidelines for details.

Assuming you collected the data yourself on a GPS device, you can open your file in e.g. JOSM (Java editor for OSM).
Then you can create the necessary points in that editor based on your GPS file.

There is no direct way to upload the data from a GPS file to the OSM database.
I have written a python script long time ago that could transform a GPS files with specific waypoints into an OSM file.
I still had to manually check for duplicates and copy data between layers in OSM, but it worked. In the end I decided that the manual approach was equally fast.