Uploading daily lots of GPX files

Hi, a company in Argentina that monitors oil companies drivers uses heavily OpenStreetMap. Petroleum-well are in non-populated areas, so tracks are really very difficult to get on site and we have poor mapping there. Moreover, those highways probably change when you open a new petroleum-well. They are really interested in get those highways on the map because they will use it for their monitor. For example they are uploading max speed data because they need it to tell their clients which drivers are exceeding the limit.

So they want to upload all GPX for mapping highways, they generate 1 million GPX points every day. This is the question: do we tell them that they upload all GPX daily, weekly, monthly? If they don’t upload every day we’ll miss some highways, but if we upload every day probably we’ll have the same GPX tracks thousands of times, something that could be seen like an abusive use.

You should feel free to update daily if you prefer but you must not upload an individual gpx trace more than once. For mapping it is preferred to have many individual traces to map more accurately using their mean position. It would be preferable that someone with local knowledge is using the gpx traces to add the roads with appropriate tags to the OSM.

I think there are plenty of precedents for firms uploading lots of GPS tracks, although I’m not aware of current examples. I think a firm in Russia uploaded 10s of millions of points around 2010 or 2011.