uploaded but not visible at certain zoom levels

I uploaded this change several times thinking I had not done it correctly because it was not showing on the map. I have discovered now that it does show at a more distant zoom level.

This link shows the change on the map but it disappears when I zoom in. http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/changeset/4524679

Why please?

I´m having the same problem, I thought maybe it would correct over time, but it has been like that for weeks.

now, its all visible… sometimes, it needs some time for the changes in mapnik… If you like to see your changes immediately, you can push it with the attribute /dirty… see this wiki-entry: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Slippy_Map#Mapnik_tile_rendering

… when you are at the main slippy map on openstreetmap.org, click at the plus in the right top corner of the map and aktivate the adittional data-layer. There you can see immideatly whether your new data did arrive at the server.

Please be patient. It can take from seconds until days until changes show up in Mapnik (the default map on OSM.org). It takes some houres until some days until they show up in Osmarender. This depends on the load of the rendering machine and the kind of edits you performed.
If you want to check the data in the database use the data-layer (blue ±Sign in upper left corner) on OSM.org.

Thanks. It really is a newbie problem. The thing I did not realize is this:

Marking a tile dirty does not mark all sub tiles as dirty.

So while we are at it can you please tell me if the coast line will be modified eventually as well? I adjusted the coastline but still some of my streets run out into the water here:


Those changes were made a couple of days ago. I checked the data and it is as I changed it but still the blue area is not changed.

Is there a way that I can force the change to the coast line in JOSM? That would help me when the process on the main map is extra slow. For now I am assuming I will need to wait until it is rendered on the main map and then I will down load that.

We are still talking about the map rendered by Mapnik? Coastlines in Mapnik are handled different than other ways. AFAIR the costlines in Mapnik are updated only once a month. Your edits already appear on Osmarender.

[Edit]: But Osmarender seems to be unable to determin which side of the coastline is land and which is water. I opened a ticket for this: http://trac.openstreetmap.org/ticket/2914

Wow, I never noticed what the “data” layer did. That’s pretty sweet.

By the way:

S/n means Sin Nombre…Spanish for without name.

the layer tag is because I did not understand what that was. I now realize it is used to run stuff above or below other stuff.

Yes and I see it is there in Osmarender. I am liking this system better all the time.

Curious about the water side. There is a break in the coast line which I tried to fix but only made it worse getting 2 unordered coast lines. It appears that it will not allow me to join them together because they get too many nodes in them??? At this point two of the coast ways actually overlap. I am hoping this is just something I inherited but I did move the coastal nodes around.

If there’s no name you leave the name field blank.

And specifically the layer tag is only for if objects are above or below each other in the real world. It is not for rendering purposes.