upload traces/trace upload script -- I'm not breaking anything am I?

I have uploaded a trace here:


I say “I” – rather it was a script that I wrote that did it for me, I intend on using the script often, and distributing it to others, if I’m tagging things in a way that wasn’t intended, I’d like to know now, before I do damage.

If anyone is interested: it’s a bash script that will run in windows under cygwin;
it takes a folder of nmea files from a device (the plan is that it can be pointed directly at the device);
it links joins all the files together within a date period (in my case monthly, can also be dayly or weekly);
saves the data to a single accessable file for that period;
checks what’s already been uploaded (by keeping a local shadow copy of the already uploaded data);
reverse geocodes the new data to get place names;
uploads any new data.
(along with some other filtering etc)

If anyone is interested in using it, I need beta testers, it’s going to be reliesed open source. I did put a post in the development board, but got no replies.