Upload to OSM Server greyed out

After a change of opening_hours for a POI I tried to upload the change. Apparently this failed either because the LTE/Edge connection was flaky, or because the OSM Server did not respond as expected. I see the actual change is still present local. The “Upload change to OSM Server” is grey. A reboot does not help.

How do I recover?

Vespucci (F-Droid) 0.9.9b1261-fdroid
Maximum avaliable memory 536870912
Total memory used 37023212
Tile Cache MAPNIK usage Size 1048576 of maximum 67108864 #entries 4
Tile Cache NONE usage Size 0 of maximum 67108864 #entries 0
State file size 24062 last changed 2017-04-23 18:07:04
Bug state file size 19892 last changed 2017-04-23 18:07:05
Relations (current/API): 10/0
Ways (current/API): 84/0
Nodes (current/Waynodes/API): 795/1018/0
Available location providers
passive enabled true
gps enabled true

That can happen when android reports to the app that there is no Internet connectivity, this may be as simple as having mobile data turned off (has happened to me before too).

Looking at the debugging information it however seems as if it has uploaded everything and that is why the upload option is greyed out. Have you checked if the change has actually been made in the central DB?


PS: the numbers for nodes, ways and relations for the API upload are zero.

Oh, did not check online if it was transmitted. There was this pop-up “Transmitting data” which didn’t disappear… And did not made new changes yet. I can download the visible area, as well as posting to this forum.