upload polygon shapefile national park

I would like to provide the National Park “Niedersächsisches Wattenmeer” in OSM and tag the core zone with protect_class = 1. Is there a simple and quick way to upload a shapefile? Since exact coordinates have to be observed, digitization based on an basemap would not be sufficient. Thanks very much!

Hi welcome.
And I dont have no technical knowledge, sorry.
Please read these lines first
And make contact with the local communities for instance Germany. Since the Wattenmeer/zee stretches form Denmark to Holland it might be good to inform them too.
You could do that via this Forum or copy the local groups as well at the same time.

There already exists a relation: https://www.openstreetmap.org/relation/157811#map=10/53.6112/7.6337

Many thanks for the answer. Unfortunately, there is no differentiation in the zoning in the mentioned ratio, but only the border of the national park is shown. However, we especially want to tag the core zone with protect_class = 1

As to the technical aspect… I believe JOSM will open shapefiles. You could do that, then open the existing relation in the usual manner (into a separate workspace layer), copy-and-paste the core-area way from the shapefile layer to the workspace layer, integrate it somehow*, then save the workspace layer.

This is advanced-level stuff, with a fairly high risk of breakage, so please tread carefully. Perhaps an experienced mapper who’s already worked on the existing relation can help…

  • As to how that core area would fit into the existing relation, or whether it needs its own, I don’t know, sorry.