Upload OSM on my garmin Nuvi

Let see who can help me out. I have a Garmin Nuvi 30, I used to use it for my car but as I am going to take a trip around Europe for about 6 month and I will visit about 7 countries. My GPS recently stop working, suddenly after I parked my car and turn off the engine for a few minutes when I turn it on again it said to press the dot to calibrate the GPS, after a while I when back home and check on the internet for the answer, after I find out how to calibrate, I find out I didn’t have any maps on my unit, apparently I need to buy the maps from Garmin in order to have the maps again on my GPS. So looking around I found several pages including this one. One of these pages was trying to help me to upload the maps but was not successfully, we don’t understand what it happen, every time I download a zip file but after I unzip it I get another zip file. In another site somebody recommend me to put this second zip file in a sd card and directly put it on my GPS that the unit will recognize the file and that it, but not, I haven’t been able to upload any maps on my unit. Somebody could help me out to find out what is the problem? thanks.

Which website did you download the map from, and what is the file name?
I suggest using this website: http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/

First pick a country, then it will give you a link to download. You need to download the file “osm_generic_gmapsupp.zip”.
So save that, and unzip it to get a file named gmapsupp.img. That file is the map in Garmin IMG format, though depending on how your computer is setup it might be shown as a zip file (or as a disc image).

Then copy this gmapsupp.img file onto the SD card, in a directory named “Garmin” (some Nuvi models need the img file in a directory named “Map”, I’m not sure if that applies to yours).
Then put the SD card in your Nuvi, and it should be able to use the maps. You might need to select them, by going into preferences and maps.

Hi Alba, let see if you could help me out, I have been for hours to figure it on many forums and nothing. Firstable, yes that is the page I got the maps, I also choose Routable Bicycle (Openfietsmap Lite) and Spain as I am departure from here, then I download this file: openfietsmap_lite_gmapsupp.zip and yes after I unzip this file I get another zip file gmapsupp, I copy this one into the sd card, where I have a folder name “Garmin” but when I unplugged th gps and turn in on it said that “impossible unblock maps” “there is no maps on the unit”
This happen after one day I used the gps and park my car, and later after I turning on again, a white screen with a dot came on, asking me to recalibrate the screen, after I did it, that messages will show up. It is like there is missing something to read the maps. I try to contact Garmin, but I have not receive any answer yet, plus if I download free maps that would them make them so happy.

If you could help me out would be great, I am getting crazy here. I have a trip coming next month and I am about to give up on the gps and do the old fashion way.
Thanks for your time, Adrian

It seems that the Nuvi 30 needs the maps in a folder named “Map”, not “Garmin”. So trying creating a folder named “Map” on the SD card, then put the gmapsupp.img file in that.

Though it does sound like the firmware on you Nuvi is messed up somehow. You could try updating or reloading the firmware, use Garmin MyDashboard: https://my.garmin.com/mygarmin/dashboard.htm
You could also try a master reset, instructions here: http://support.garmin.com/support/searchSupport/case.faces?caseId={e377b090-0fa7-11dd-dc9c-000000000000}
Or see this page for fixing problems with the Nuvi booting up: http://support.garmin.com/support/searchSupport/case.faces?caseId={4a78cf80-fce4-11e1-e8a7-000000000000}

Many thanks for pointing me to this new (for me :)) service!