Upload my photos taken from my camera into multiple street-level photo platforms

I have seen new actors in the street-level photo area, and they have exciting motivations to contribute. They receive the photos with different conditions but ultimately for the same purpose: to do business with them.

The classic platforms and the photo licenses are:

  • Mapillary CC-BY-SA
  • KartaView CC-BY-SA

New actors are:

  • Mapilio CC-BY-SA
  • Hivemapper - No license specified

Suppose I take photos with my camera (no mobile application), let’s say a GoPro. Then, I download them to my computer. At this point, I am the creator of this content with all rights for me.

The question is: Can I upload my photos to different (or all) platforms? Each one has its usage conditions, but I don’t care. I want to contribute my images to the community regardless of use. Is there any constraint or legal impediment to doing this?


Don’t know about the last two, but many people upload both to mapillary & kartaview (with mapillary having the easiest procedure. kartaview seems like a zombie nowadays imo which is a pity considering the only(?) opensource service available). Presumably, mapilio being a twin brother of mapillary, you can upload to them too.

From what I read, I think hivemapper would require the use of their dashcams to work. They want a standardized input it seems.

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Legally, I doubt there are any issues with uploading to multiple services. When you make photos available on Mapillary or similar, you’re not giving up any of your own rights to that photo - just presumably CC-BY-SA to everyone and extra rights for Mapillary. This doesn’t stop you from using your photo for anything else or making it available under another licence.

Mapillary’s terms makes this explicit:

Except for the license [to Mapillary] you grant below, you retain all rights in and to your User Content, as between you and Mapillary.