Upload models


Could someone recommend me to upload 3D designed models to OpenStreetMap?

Thank you

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We do not store 3D models in OSM. You can describe the shape of a building by using certain tags. Take a look at https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/3D for more information.

Thank you!!

Is it possible to upload 3d models from an external repository with Kendzi3D? I imagine they should weigh very little

I’m not familiar with 3D but as far as I understand Kendzi3D is just a viewer-plugin for JOSM.

You need to translate the data from your external source into OSM, load the data into JOSM, verify the result with Kendzi3D and if the data is correct you can upload the data to OSM.

Also (if you are not the owner of the external data) make sure that the data source’s copyright / licence is compatible with OSM!

Thank you very much

While we don’t store models directly in OSM, https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/3D_Model_Repository is a related project (developed during GSOC as an OSM project).

It could be another option but what I see is not used by many people there are few developed sites.

I keep fighting with JOSM and uploading my .obj to a repository so that they are visualized but I don’t know at what moment I need some step that I can’t get.

Thank you very much for your concern and your answers.