upload failed cause way contains more than 2000 nodes

i’m about to map a long river, which will need a lot more than 2000 nodes. right now i’m uploading chunks below 2000 nodes not to lose the data, but this feels very much like a workaround.

what do i do in such a case to map the river correctly?

Ehm, you’re not uploading every sub-2000 chunk of river separately, are you? That’s really not necessary.

Map the river as you normally would (I assume you actually meant waterway=riverbank?), but keep every way under 2000 nodes. Then collect all those ways and have them as members in a multipolygon relation. Set the member roles as ‘outer’, and the relation type=multipolygon.

Example on http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:waterway%3Driverbank

ok, your example explains the river as an area which i’ll need further down the road.

but right now i’m just mapping what is way 4 in your example. even then it’s far longer than 2000 nodes. i used the “split way” tool of josm to split a 4000 node segment into 3 smaller chunks, but still get the too many nodes error. for now i left a gap between the chunks, looking for a way to mend that.

Somehow one of your segments still triggers the API node limit on upload.

Did you draw that 4000 node segment fresh? If you save your work in josm, as a .osm file, you could then check with an editor if the saved data looks okay, and whether the s in there are shorter than 2000 nodes.

works now after updating josm. thanks for your help.