Upgrade the IRC chat to TLS encrypted instead of plain text

Why don’t we upgrade the IRC chat to port 6697 many people have distrusted plain text connections and use only 6697 port

Unfortunately, , but isn’t IRC a stone axe for modern man anyway?

It’s so simple and easy, and sometimes still useful, but almost no one seems to use it.
And if we do use it, it seems to come with a lot of problems.

FWIW, I have a bunch of different OSM channels visible in an Element client on my phone, and it sorts by “last userd”. Currently 2 out of 5 on the front screen are IRC and 3 out of 5 are Discord. If it had Telegram too then a couple of those might be there. Surprisingly I don’t think OSM US’ Slack would make the front screen if it was in the same app (but the presentation is a bit different so it’s difficult to be sure).

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It is much more like bicycles (versus Lamborghinis). Simple, down to the point tool. No movies, no images, no flashing, no nonsense “boring” text. Content only without entertainment. :smirk:

As for the OP I don’t think it’s important at all. “Distrusting” is hard to interpret in an open and public communication context.

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Yes, OSMUS Slack definitely doesn’t score high on the noise scale. The last time Slack gave me a summary back in February, there were an average of 876 messages per day. But if you average that out among our 321 public channels and who knows how many ongoing threads, you might conclude that many of our 5,743 users are communicating not in English but rather in one of our 1,514 custom emoji.

Sorry, what does this have to do with IRC security? :sweat_smile:

We don’t run the IRC server, it’s just a channel on OFTC. You can use port 6697 if you want to.

Alternatively you could use Discord or Matrix or Slack or Telegram or whatever it is those pesky kids use. As someone decidedly stone-age I like IRC as it is.


This wiki page lists both ports. If anyone spots documentation that only recommends port 6667, please update it to mention port 6697 first.