Upgrade a Volvo map to OSM

Friend of mine has a Volvo XC90 2007 with a GPS-gadget. He can buy an update for it from a Volvo vendor but the vendor doesn’t have Iceland there, and he’s moved back home to Iceland since purchasing the car in Sweden.

Having shown him how good OSM is he is eager now to get it onboard his car. However we have no idea how to do this, the gadget does have a RCA video port and can play DVDs but that’s as far as we got so far.

Has anyone had any experience in installing OSM on these gadgets?

At least you have to find out on what firmware / operating system that navigation is running.

If it is WindowsCE or WindowsMobile then there is a little bit of hope.

there doesn’t seem to be an easy solution, but somebody is working on a hackish one :

it is WindowsCE.