Updating the osmc:symbol for the Israel National Trail relation


The osmc:symbol is used by some maps, such Waymark Trails, to position icons along a trail based on a predefined set of colors and shapes.

Currently the osmc:symbol for the Israel National Trail is blue:white:blue_stripe:orange_stripe_left. It means: a blue trail with a icon that has a white background, a blue vertical stripe in the center and an orange vertical stripe on the left.

There are a few issues with this definition:

  1. The trail is drawn using a blue line while in most local maps it is drawn in orange.
  2. The there is no “orange_stripe_left” symbol. As a result, the icon for the Israel National Trail is the same as for any local blue trail: a blue strip on a white background.

I suggest to change the osmc:symbol of the Israel National Trail to orange:orange:blue_stripe:white_right. This definition will render the trail as an orange line and it creates the complete Israel National Trail icon using symbols available at https://hiking.waymarkedtrails.org/help/rendering/osmc_legende and the line .

Any thoughts or objections?