Updating map

I believe the latest map update is 22\12\2017 how often is the map updated , and is the map updated country by country or is the whole world done in the one update

What exact map or application do you mean? Could you post a link to it? OSM database is displayed in many forms.

The actual OSM map is updated in real time.

The rendered images viewable on http://www.openstreetmap.org/, are updated at variable rates depending on which of the four versions you are looking at, the zoom level, and how busy the tile servers are. On the first choice version, high zoom levels are created on demand, so are up to the second, if correctly requested, and the other zoom levels tend to be only minutes old. For the others they can be up to about a week old.

I don’t know what the .nl site that produces maps for Garmin devices does, and even less about any other site producing derivatives of the OSM map.

Sorry Warszawa, I’m not real clever on computers, I’ve got no idea how to post a link but I hope this screen shot shows the what I’m talking about( couldn’t work out how to post a screen shot either) but the map I’m talking about is.
Free maps for Garmin brand GPS devices

from OpenStreetMap
Hosting is sponsored by Oxilion and others. Slippy map and Garmin maps are based on OpenStreetMap data. Map version: 22-12-2017

This is the map you refer to and I would guess it currently gets updated about monthly but it varies and may be sooner at times.
The date that you refer to is the date that the latest Garmin suitable maps were produced by Lambertus, the operator of the site , using the latest data from the OpenStreetMap.org

Free maps for Garmin brand GPS devices

There are many providers of Garmin suitable maps that derive their data from the OpenStreetMap.org database.

The map you can see on OpenStreetMap.org is updated at different rates. Zoom levels 19-13 are “live”, being updated all the time. If you don’t see changes appearing there, you might want to refresh the website without browser cache (by pressing Ctrl+F5 on most browsers).

The lower took levels are updated once every two or three weeks if I’m right.

He’s actually using http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/

The help on that page directs people to a specific thread on a Garmin Maps forum on this board, but I think this confuses a lot of people, who don’t expect to tail end a huge thread, and don’t realise that most of the board is not about Garmin Maps, and therefore assume that the Help forum is where to ask.

They then confuse people here by assuming we all know they are talking about http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/

Thanks for the help everyone, I’ve managed to make a couple of minor additions to the map but I’ve lots to learn , some of the terms used confuse me" nodes" “ways” “highway=” “maps rendered” “refresh the website without browser cashe?” Etc
Down here in the bush we are still using pencils and paper and have just got rid of carrier pigeons
I have been hoping to find some one local , more computer savy than me and interested in mapping to try and learn more about OSM together
Regards Paul
P.S. Hey guess what I’ve just found out how to “post a link” pretty clever hey

Hey, sounds like you live near me :slight_smile:
We are well known to be backward up here in Queensland, Australia and it wasn’t long ago that we used a thumbnail dipped in tar to mark our maps…and we still don’t know where we are…


@didediedide: Hi from Europe, we forgot how to use pigeons long time ago… :smiley:

In short:

  • “node” means basically a geometrical point (which shows that something is here, but it can be any small thing or anything else where we don’t know the outline, or it may be just a part of the line with no other meaning),
  • “way” is a geometrical line (which can be “tagged” as a road, a river or a wall for example),
  • “highway” is a road or some other kind of way that you can go along on the ground - like with a car, by foot, by bike or even just for cattle (British English is used as a base for naming tags, so what many people know as “highway” will be rather called “motorway” in OSM); on the water it’s “waterway” instead
  • “highway=” indicates, that this is a “key” which needs to have some “value” to form a proper “tag” (for example “highway=tertiary”, which means it’s a less important road than secondary, but how to know which is which can vary between countries and continents, or “highway=road”, when you don’t know what type of road it really is)

These things are described with more details here:

and you can learn more starting here for example there:

Thanks Kocio,( sorry I called you Warszawa, must be a town), plenty of reading in those links , but I’m slowly getting there.
I’m still hoping to get in contact with some local mapper to help learn together (or at least help me learn)
Any one in the Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Central Coast area interested?