Updating Bus Stops/Routes

Hello All,

I have started to update information in my village and have been looking the bus stops that we have - I have already corrected some locations but looking to confirm what information tags are needed. From what I have looked up naptan tags are to do with this so I assume should be left alone.

An example would be Exeter Close which currently has:

name=Exeter Close
naptan:CommonName=Exeter Close
naptan:Crossing=Exeter Close
naptan:Landmark=Exeter Close
naptan:Street=Keelers Way

Are all of the tags strictly necessary as name and naptan:Common Name are effectively the same information?

Not sure if there is a specific place/forum I should be looking for answers so any help would be apprecated :slight_smile:



If it helps, I tend to just leave NaPTAN tags alone and just change “naptan:verified=no” to “naptan:verified=yes” if I’ve verified that the stop is still there (maybe also moving it to a more accurate location). Some of the “odd codes” are still useful for various ways of finding “when is my next bus” by text or website, though I think that that varies around the country.

People who actually understand such things are more likely to be found via the talk-gb mailing list https://lists.openstreetmap.org/listinfo/talk-gb (for whatever reason GB folks tend to be found more there rather than here). Another place to try is #osm-gb on IRC (see https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/IRC for more info about that). I know that an OSMer from Essex who’s done quite a lot of work with NaPTAN data is sometimes to be found there, although he’s not been around for a month or so.

Thank you for the response to my query.

I know what you mean about the odd codes (such as naptan:NaptanCode=esxjdawm). In Essex this appears to be a code you text to a number for bus times, I tried it once many many years ago and said the stop I was at didn’t exist :roll_eyes:

I’ll look to verify the NaPTAN data as you say (quite easy for my local village) and try to ensure other manually added data is as accurate as it can be.