Updating a map but when new updates not saved when saving


I am trying to update an interchange in Dubai, UAE. One of the exits of the interchange has an sub-exit that doesn’t exist in reality. I tried to delete the section that doesn’t exist and save but I noticed that after saving, the section that I just deleted is back again on the map!

The interchange in question is the one between Dubai - Al Ain Road and Emirates Road. I found the error in the map when driving using NavFree.

Any advise on how to make this change permanent?


You mean:

If I’m not mistaken, OSM is having a technical error right now. Don’t worry, your edits are saved. However, changes are not being reflected in the editor you’re using. Hopefully things will get resolved soon. Please refer:

discussed in this topic.

By the way, it’s happening to me as well. I’m using both iD editor and JOSM editor, and both experience the same issue a few hours ago.