Updates from 1 April not on mapnik...

…I know it can be slow, but 18 days seems a bit excessive (osmarender has updated) “Noname” hasn’t.

Something amis?

That could happen sometimes by gravitation waves and solar winds. If you’re not posting any details like node- or wayids or permalinks the reason could be anything. Just a guess: Clear you browser cache.

These two:



(there’s an additional note now added to the second one) Nothing earth shattering, just some name corrections.

I’m perfectly used to it taking a few days - but 18 seemed excessive, so was wondering if there was a general problem.

Personally, I blame the Icelandic volcano. Or maybe misplaced sarcasm.

I guess you just changed the name of these ways. Correct? If you only alter tag-values, Mapnik won’t rerender the tiles until a complete database reimport is done. If you moved a node or the whole way Mapnik will rerender the tiles.

(no, that doesn’t mean you should move a node to force a rerender; append “/dirty” to the URL of the tile.)

Exactly. Sorry, I forgot to mention the dirty-Flag.
Open the PNG-Image out of the map (right click → show image). In the address-bar append “/dirty” to the URL, so it looks like this example:


This will force Mapnik to update this tile (and all other zoomlevels?)

No, not other zoom levels. It will rerender the tile and usually some adjacent ones (depending on the zoom).

Thanks chaps. That flag is handy to know.