Update to OpenRouteService 2.0

Hey OSM community,

after years of starving we finally managed to completely rise a new OpenRouteService from the ashes :slight_smile:

Both the back- and frontend have been conceptually completely renewed. Your welcome to test the service under our usual URL: www.openrouteservice.org

Also, the ORS wiki has been updated to further describe the available services ( API) : http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/DE:OpenRouteService

The most important feature : OpenRouteService is now available for Europe , Asia , Africa and Oceania !

Please try and give us feedback via Github regarding any errors or simply improve it yourself: https://github.com/GIScience/openrouteservice/issues

Stay tuned for more new updates this month and subscribe to our blog : http://giscienceblog.uni-hd.de/

Cheers Enrico