Update to Discourse 3.0

Hi all,

This forums is now running the latest Discourse stable release (3.0).

Please check the announcement blog post to know more about the changes and improvements:

The new sidebar is now enabled and can be customized per user.



That’s a major update indeed, visiting the site from mobile confused me because the burger menu opens the sidebar, which by default doesn’t contain links to new/unread messages, which I look at most of the time. Going to “Everything” and from there I would proceed to “New” tab, but no “Unread” tab was shown in there. Hopefully I can customize it that in the sidebar properly.

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This seems to have caused lots of outdated notifications to appear when I click on my avatar.


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That was also the first thing I noticed. Why are such important pages now harder to reach? Is that something that can be configured?

The “Everything” link will point you to Unread when you have unread topics or to new if you don’t have any.

Categories and tags can be customized to link to the main page or to the /unread /new page instead.

That is not true (or a configuration thing?). For me, “Everything” always takes me to the “Latest” page.


Given the post-upgrade unreliability**, I probably wouldn’t have used the word “stable” there :slight_smile:

** Hopefully now resolved - it does seem to be staying up more of the time now.

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I had 2 unread topics at that point and they weren’t shown there. As Michael said, “Everything” links to the “Latest”.

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Maybe because I change my sidebar preferences to:


That’s indeed the way to set it, as it should :stuck_out_tongue: , thanks.