Update the OSM geolocation using API


I would like to update the OSM database using the API.


We would want to use Openstreetmap with Nominatim to get address of the location using latlng. Since Nominatim database is not as extensive as google, we would like to update the address as and when people select the location on map using latlng and they should be able to update the address if they could not find one.

We would like to allow our end users using Android or iOS or webapp to get the place details using latlng and update new location details as well.

How can we achieve it ?


Essentially you need to update the original OSM data (from which then Nominatim will be updated).

Conventionally you do that with an “editor” of which there are many, all of the general purpose ones have numerous issues for the use case you are describing, so I personally would recommend something like https://osmybiz.osm.ch/#/19/47.15976/8.36968 for business (it is conceivable to use the same for private addresses but it would obviously need some work).