Update Route please

Royal Borough of Greenwich, Greater London, England, SE18 1DG, United Kingdom
Royal Borough of Greenwich, Greater London, England, SE18 1SL, United Kingdom

The route for the above addresses takes the incorrect route if you look at this on Google this takes the correct Route as the road “Nathan Way” is blocked on the “A206” side.

See the Gyazo links below to see the comparison, can this be updated please?
https://gyazo.com/d6fa3128931b9ca26965d5df5d29589c - OpenStreetMap
https://gyazo.com/b36d523c402392b6ab672bd4134387cc - Google Maps (Correct Route)

Routing on openstreetmap https://www.openstreetmap.org/directions?engine=fossgis_osrm_car&route=51.49170%2C0.09290%3B51.48900%2C0.08780
This would be better directed to a local London group if there is any. If that way is blocked permanently then it needs to change of course, but when I do it manually, I get a routing via Hadden road, and that road does not exist anymore when I look at aerial imagery. So there is more out of date there.

I’ve added some notes to the map, see if a local mapper picks it up.

@Maarten Deen: You have taken the wrong starting point. It is not on the Nathan Way but on the White Hart Road (as can be seen on the Google Screenshot). You can’t put a starting point on the White Hart Road for a car on OSM, because this barrier:
has removed the White Hart Road from the routing graph for cars. if you use a bicycle or go by foot, you can go south and use the path below the railway.
We have to ask the local community, if this barrier, I linked above still exists.
This is an important information to solve this issue.

Thanks, I missed that. I changed the link.

LukeAutocab mentioned Nathan Road being blocked on the A206 side, which I assumed to be here at Pettman Crescent next to the Surgard.

Apologies for any misinformation I have provided.
The route that needs to be taken is the Google one, will this be updated?
I am unsure how to edit routes etc myself, seems a bit confusing.

See this related discussion over on the Help site:

I guess the OP from that other discussion never dealt with the matter, because both barriers are still tagged.

How do I get someone to correctly update this?

OpenStreetMap is made of millions of user contributions - you can update it yourself.

Sorry…I am asking for help because I am struggling to do so myself.

Login “your dashboard” in de OSM map, look for a active member in your neighborhood and ask him to do the edit.
That is the way I would do it.

The barriers on the way have been removed, the router OSRM has updated its database (after two days) and now routes with OSM Data as you wanted:


Thank you Gordon; Appreciate it!