Update bugs when zooming

Hi everyone, I am new on here, I updated some building shapes yesterday. They now appear on the map but not at all levels of zoom, the most zoom remains the old version of the map, the 3 before are good, and then back to the old one.

Here is the one that should be showing at all zoom levels:

And here is the one showing at some:

You will need to be more patient as all the zoom levels do not get rendered immediately with the ‘zoomed out’ levels taking longer to reflect your recent edits. This is mainly due to competing interests of expediancy and cost I expect.
You should refresh your browser too as it may be cacheing an older version of the image.

Okay, thank you very much !

There are many Tile Cache Servers all around the world. Some are sending older tiles some the newest one. The synchronization will need up to 1-2 days.

btw: you need do clear your browser cache too. And may be even your internet provides is caching data.

tl;dr: it’s not an error but just caching