UP MAP Updation

This is vinay.I work for a Vehcile tracking company and we offer tracking solutions for all kind of customers.

We are planing to offer one of our customer based in Uttarpradesh of India a passenger information system. By default we provide OSM to all our customers.

But the map of uttarpradesh state is missing lots of data. So we are in need of help from OSM foundation in improving the map data of uttarpradesh state of India.

So please advice us on how to improve the same.

Hi Vinay,

OSM is built by you and me and everybody else who feels like contributing. Short of your company tracking all the missing roads by itself you will have to motivate a whole lot of local people to do it for you. Don’t expect this to happen quickly.


Hello vinay,

try to find out whether there are high resolution aireal photos available via maps.bing.com … if yes, you are allowed to use these pictures to create new/missing objects in the OSM data, see http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Bing

Maybe this helps a bit?