Untagged ways and nodes with numbers in Rajasthan

Lately lots of untagged ways and nodes with only numbers have been added in and around Rajasthan by user Rohit Micheal. [Some of the ways in his edits](https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/Rohit Michael/history) are also overdrawn on existing map data!
I’ve tried to contact by sending a message and over changeset comments but no response yet from the user.

His edits seems to be little suspicious, can someone mapping in Rajasthan have a closer look at it?

Some of it does seem to form the basis of useful mapping data, if it was meaningfully tagged. But yes, otherwise it looks suspicious, and is definitely not useful.

There is some more interesting stuff in other places than Rajasthan. For instance, his node 3929824791 in Kashmir is beside a road, and has the name ‘455 - VERY CROWDED AHEAD’.

If he does not respond (say in a few days) and does not edit, then mass deletion of this stuff seems appropriate. If he does not respond and continues to edit, then it should be referred to the DWG who can block him till he explains it. And they will probably revert his work at this point.

User did respond to the message and have pointed to look at Map Features and related wiki pages to use proper tags for while mapping. Yes, some of it does seem to be useful mapping contribution.