Untagged nodes on Laos waterways

I had posted the following question in the local Thai users group, but without a solution as yet…

While I appreciate its probably not a burning issue, these untagged nodes will probably stay there for ever unless dealt with. So, as my experience is limited to the P2 editor, can someone assist with a quick remedy to this issue, either for me, or to implement on my behalf ?

The full thread is here : https://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?id=60710

I did a little experimenting. In JOSM, this would be straightforward. Search (Ctrl+F) for:

type:node -child -untagged -name

Scroll through the resulting list to make sure nothing got accidentally included that shouldn’t, select all, then hit Delete.

Coincidentally, Laos is at the top of my places-to-visit list. Been checking airfares and devouring guidebooks. Thanks in advance for all the mapping!

As the original mapper is still active, the first thing you should have done is left a comment on the changeset that created them and allowed a reasonable time for the mapper to explain or fix them.