Unrecognised road on Komoot

I use the Komoot app which primarily uses OpenStreetMap. Bizarrely there is one road near me that the app refuses to recognise, which is really annoying because I regularly use it as part of local cycle route planning. I have queried the features on OSM and compared to other nearby roads but I can’t see anything different. I’m new to OSM so does anyone have any ideas why Komoot might not be recognising it? I don’t know how the API works but I assume that if I fix it on OSM then it will get updated on Komoot at some point.

The road is here: https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=17/51.37258/-2.59815 - Norton Lane.

Seems like a rather strange komoot bug. At first sight I can’t see a reason why it’s ignored. It’s not particularly new (and rendered on the komoot map), it doesn’t have incorrect access values (even if you would assume, that for whatever reason komoot uses incorrect default values - as you said, nearby streets or even the southern part of Norton Lane with exactly the same tags don’t have this issue), there are no missing connections and other routers don’t show this strange behavior



Maybe I’m still missing something, but I don’t see anything wrong with the data and would send the route to the komoot support.

Same conclusion for me.

I even observe some unclissified roads with unneccessary bicycle=yes

very weird. i will try contacting komoot again. thanks for your help!