unknown nodes while editing map


We just fired up our osm website on local server and attached it to our database with a piece of map loaded in.
and here are few things i want to ask…

At the beginning we had all current_ tables empty. Is this normal or we did something wrong ?

We decided to rewrite data from other tables in them taking only latest versions. But in relation tables there is some sequence column instead version. What is it for ? We treated it like version and take only the rows with max value of it.

While we are editing maps there are some nodes that doesn’t have any tags and they aren’t connected to any other object on map. Should we just get rid of them?

If is there any other, better way to load tables used for edition please write it here.

best regards

about the empty nodes:

Have a look at their history … often that are fragments of objects modified or deleted by the redaction bot that run this summer.

Sometimes it was possible to recreate deleted ways with the help of the remaining empty nodes.

Here is some info about it.