unit counts for residential buildings

hello…i would like to begin adding residential unit counts to building footprints i am adding. most are single family homes which would get a unit count of 1. In the area there are many duplexes and three level apartment buildings, and other buildings with anywhere up to 100 apartments. Is there a tag for unit count? I could not find anything that seemed appropriate to use for this. thanks in advance!


Looking on taginfo there are 363,841 instances of the key building:units (mostly in the USA). More frequently used, with a more global distribution, and in line with the UK origins of a lot of the tagging conventions… there are 885,409 instances of build:flats so I would suggest using that. See the wiki page on building:flats. And the taginfo page.

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my interpretation of the wiki documentation of those fields is that they should be used for the reference numbers of the units, not for the number of flats. Of course, it is possible that people use it to reflect the number of units.

building:units or better building:flats should be correct.
addr:unit or addr:flat contains the reference number.

@R0bst3r, thanks I see my mistake now.