“unisex=yes” when part of a facility is gender-neutral?

Hi all,

In my part of the world it’s common for public toilets to be set up like this:

  • A male section.
  • A female section.
  • An accessible (wheelchair-friendly) section that is gender-neutral.

What combination of tags is best for this? My first thought is:

  • male=yes
  • female=yes
  • wheelchair=yes
  • unisex=yes

…but that’s not perfect because it doesn’t capture the fact that only the accessible/wheelchair section is unisex.

Is there an established convention for this? I couldn’t see anything in the Wiki about it, maybe I missed it though.

Cheers, James

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Ah never mind, I think I’ve answered my own question. Just noticed this part of the Wiki page:

It can be useful to map entrances or even areas of a toilet separately.

So I guess I should map separate entrances and put the appropriate male/female/unisex tags on the entrances. The toilet building itself would then not have these tags at all?

The accessible bathroom is ment for anyone in a wheelchair or with similarly limited mobility. That tagging should at least wheelchair=designated + unisex=yes. The male and females bathrooms are tagged normally.