Unify lasertag places

Hi forum,

would there be any objection to unify all the lasertag places to leisure=sports_centre (where fit) with sport=laser_tag
Currently there are few places, this would be a manual process
Included would be:


You miss leisure=laser_games: http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/273387377 ;-).

Obviously these should be under the leisure key, and not the sport key, so that bit is straightforward. (Normally the sport key is attributive, i.e., it provides additional information about another more descriptive tag). Use of a shooting adjectival tag is also a poor idea: laser tag games are explicitly marketed to young children who are prevented by law from participating even in paintball.

I personally prefer laser_games, largely because lasertag/laser_tag was unfamiliar to me and I had to search on-line to find out what it was. laser_games offers more immediate assistance in comprehending the nature of the facility for someone just coming across the tag. It is also a little more generic. (Also is there a possibility that laser tag is a trademark/tradename?).

Such synonymy is common for little-used tags and is to be expected. Probably more important than the precise value is to standardise on use of a single key. As I said above the logically sensible one is leisure; and this also leaves scope for offering backward compatibility with the most popular existing tag sport=lasertag by just adding a leisure=laser_* tag as well.

That is exactly why I wanted to post here first, to discuss these things
The wiki says

Wouldn’t that be a good “main” tag for these places, and the sports tag describing them further
It describes the place perfectly (just like you can do fitness, biking swimming in such a facility, you do lasertag as sports) and existing applications can parse the “main” tag and eventually also display the sports tag
Or would more people see a laser tag place as it’s own separate leisure entitiy that deserves it’s own “main” tag?