undo changes from newbie

Hi there,

I added my first buildings to OSM (house with housenumber) (with JOSM) but unfortunately edited more than I wanted, (many /all?) housenumbers of my village are changed. Is there anybody who can undo my changes? What is the most efficient way to give notice of such errors? bug report?

Unfortunately I can not explain how it happened, so I am a bit frustrated and do not really know how to continue with mapping. I wanted to add buildings from aerowest airial images.

Thanks for answering.


Which of your changesets do you want to be undone?

I think posting in the forum works for undo requests, but a more active forum (such as Users:Germany in your case) might be a better choice.

Thanks for answering.
changeset 16982815.

Done, that changeset is reverted. I guess you had all buildings in the area selected when you tried to apply the housenumber 2b to the house www.openstreetmap.org/browse/way/230179782.

Don’t let that discourage you, problems are normal when you start editing in OSM. JOSM will show you a list of all changes before it uploads the data. If this list is very long even though you just wanted to change one or very few objects, you can cancel the upload and try to find out why so many objects are about to be changed.

I’d second the recommendation to use the German forum, though. (Unless you don’t understand German, of course.)