Undiscussed import in Algeria?

I first saw this in this post Low quality automated creation of building where i also commented on one of the changesets in question where the user ignored my questions and continoued editing wrong data. (Changeset in question: Changeset: 136663926 | OpenStreetMap )

Today i looked into it again and it seems like the DWG also asked the user something Changeset: 141609506 | OpenStreetMap and there was a bigger discussion where the user just claims to know what they are doing in this changeset Changeset: 141072234 | OpenStreetMap

The user is Superadlen | OpenStreetMap @Superadlen and it seems that he was active in the old forum.

As the quality of a lot of the buildings are really low quality i personally think this should be deleted because it might deter new users from editing.

I post a link to this thread in the changeset and i hope the Superadlen will discuss the import here before continuing.



Do you have any news about this import?

I keep seeing buildings overlapping roads (this is from yesterday for example: Way History: 1219715458 | OpenStreetMap) and the old data doesn’t seem to have been corrected as promised. I think it should be better to correct old imported data before keep adding new buildings.

In Tunisia alone he mapped an average of 1343 buildings per changeset in the last two months.

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The change set give-away, seemingly indiscriminate importing using the MapWithAI JOSM plugin tool, the 438 being the counter the plugin keeps on how many buildings were imported for the change set.


From my own work with this led to eventual abandoning the tool and de-install. Virtually every single building needs correction or position and/or orientation adjustment since it’s based on MS Bing (dated) data. It does not even match BING’s own imagery. Revert.


From: Changeset: 136663926 | OpenStreetMap

@Superadlen any news about this correction process? 3 months have passed.
Fixing them in general doesn’t make much sense to me to be honest, if quality is this low and they all have to be fixed it would be easier to just drawn them ex novo. If this fixing is not gonna happen I propose to just revert these low quality buildings.

Just noticed that, because of this buildings import, Algeria is now:

  • #1 for the “Intersection between highway and building” issue in Osmose with 216018 issues, +156009 issues over the #2.
  • #1 for the “Overlapped buildings” issue with 184146 issues, +131752 issues over the #2.

At this point I doubt this correction will ever happen (it’s too much work for 1 person), so I’m even more convinced all this should be reverted.