Unconciously deleted many elements - can somebody help?

Hello to all,

I did work all day on an open street map I am doing for the church at the moment (you can see all church-related institutions on it). In the end I just wanted to delete a few unnecessary elements.

Because the litter bin didnt work (when you cklick left what plobs up above the element on the right side next to the pencil), I went with “Elementeebene bearbeiten” (=Working on the level of elements). There is a field down below that says “Erweiterte Aktionen” (=More Actions) and there I clicked a few times “Löschen” (=Delete). The element I wanted to disappear, disappeared - but many many others too!!!


How can I reverse that action? I would be very very thankful for helpful advise.

Thanks in advance


Mail: carmen.junge@sozdia.de

Hi Carmen.
Were you editing using the default editor iD, in the openstreetmap.org website?
If you didn’t save you edits before, I think that there is nothing to do to recover them. If you saved them, then entered in edit again and erroneously deleted, in this case someone can help you with a revert action.
Can you describe better what exactly happened?

It also helps to tell us the changeset number* or at least the area you worked on.

*which can also be found if you go to https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/USERNAME/history (change in your username of course)

Dear Ale and dear Kartonage,

thank you for your replies. The problem starts with the fact that I dont understand the first question… I dont know if I used the “default editor ID”.
I made an account with uMAP and created there my own card. The area I workes on is Berlin.

I also typed in https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/Carmen Junge/history. There it says: “Keine Änderungssätze von diesem Benutzer”

BUT YOU WANT TO KNOW SOMETHING CRAZY: This morning when I logged in again, it was all back there. All my work from yesterday :D:D:D:D:D
I really dont understand what happend.

That is why I was wondering if you could give an advise how to protect my card better? Should I save it in any specific way? Should I install the “default editor iD”?

Best wishes to both of you