Uncleared OSM Notes

Have noticed over the last little while that the tally of Notes is slowly creeping up again :cry:

I mentioned it previously that, unfortunately, quite a few of them appear to have been made by quite experienced mappers who seem happy to create them, but then seemingly leave them for other people to clear? :thinking: NB, this is not aimed at people like David D, who creates heaps of them, but then goes back in & clears them! :+1:

Just spotted this anonymous Note: Note: 3454925 | OpenStreetMap, which really doesn’t seem like the sort of comment that some random person just wandering down the street would make?

So, what do you all think - should we be fixing other mapper’s Notes, or just leave them there to fix themselves?

That note really seems to be a changeset comment (explaining why he made a change). I think the note ought to be deleted.

I don’t think there should be any pressure to fix other people’s notes. I think there is the scope for making a note about (for example) “something that needs to be done sometime” that I don’t have the opportunity to do. I don’t have a problem with that note hanging around until someone spots it who does have the opportunity to fix the issue. If no-one has the opportunity or inclination - I am quite happy it stays there forever. It is doing no harm.

The path under construction was added ~3 months ago & nothings been updated since, so I don’t think it is. They’re quite possibly saying that the construction work has now been completed so it can be marked as finished, but that’s not yet visible in any imagery, so we should leave it till it is finalised.

Quite definitely, & that’s what they’re for! I’m created a few myself for things that I’ve spotted remotely, but needs somebody on the ground to check.

True, but it was so nice, seeing them drop from ~4500 outstanding, down to 338 in the space of 2 months! :grinning:

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I’m guilty of leaving a notes when I’m midway through an edit and something else catches my eye. I try to go back and fix them but sometimes I do forget.

I understand it’s disheartening to have the number of open tickets go up, but I would rather have more notes than have these fixed/changes go unflagged because an experienced mapper avoided leaving a note.

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