"unanswered posts" broken

There’s a really neat feature of FluxBB called “unanswered posts”. It’s a sneaky little link at the bottom of the forum homepage. Very useful

…except that it seems to be broken. It’s not showing any new unanswered posts. I’m sure it was working at some stage. It’s seems to be implemented as a kind of search, so maybe there are other search indexing problems at the moment?

Heh, it’s the first time I clicked on that link :slight_smile: The link shows unanswered posts alright but doesn’t sort them properly just like the ‘new posts’ function. I remember I promised to fix that too a while back.

/not to self: make some time to fix stuff on the forum…

Ah yes. You’re right. Hadn’t noticed the other pages. So it’s just a sorted chronologically instead of reverse-chronologically for some reason. Same with the ‘Your posts’ display. Need to add a “DESC” to the SQL query somewhere :slight_smile:

Fluxbb 1.4 finally has arrived and just installed it on my computer. I’m patching it with the changes from the live forum now. I’ve noticed that the ordering of the ‘unanswered posts’ link is fixed in the final version, so you should be seeing it online pretty soon I hope.

This should be fixed now that the forum is updated.