Unable to navigate to my new additions in Openstreetmap


I have added some ways in openstreetmap and I am able to save the ways, however when I tried to use my added streets in http://www.yournavigation.org/index.php, the navigation does not navigate to them. Any reason why?

see the date of last update:

*Routing data from planet file: 2011-12-09 *


Good point Chris. I’ll ask the owner of the routing server to start an update. :slight_smile:

The routing database is now updated to June 26th.

Thanks Lambertus for updating the routing database, however it does not work anymore, old roads nor new roads anywhere (or at least on a few countries I spot checked)

I am using Routing data from planet file: 2012-06-28

Thanks for the report. Somehow a change has been reverted that caused routing to be broken in Eurasia and Africa (everything except North/South America). It’s fixed now.

Thanks Lambertus for fix, however my original problem still exist as I added ways after 28 June.

When is the next database update?

I don’t have much control over the database updates currently. All I can say: it will take a while.

Just saw the routing link.
And all types of vehicles.
Not a motorcycle?

On many ways this is different.

Also agricultural vehicles.