Unable to find streetnames with new "gmapsupp.img"


Yesterday I compiled a new “gmapsupp.img” of France/Switserland for my Garmin Streetpilot C510. I installed it on an SD-card.
Now when I open my Streetpilot, the new map is visible, but I’m not able to search for city names and streetnames in the new area.

Can someone help me please?

Thanks in advance.

Where did you download the map? Or did you compile it yourself with mkgmap?

I have downloaded it from “http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/”.

Can you copy the exact download link here?


I’ve downloaded the gmapsupp.zip, extracted it and copied to a FAT32 formatted SD-card.

Thanks, I’ve looked at the map and the search works as expected, but could not be optimal because of lacking data on OSM. So it might be possible it is not locating some streets in particular villages because neccesary boundary data in OSM is missing. Can you give an example of a streetname and/or city that you can’t find?

Veysonnaz in Switzerland.

But I guess it’s more than that because I only can find 2 cities in Switzerland.

Maybe it is hardware related, but I can find Veysonnaz and streets in this town with the map that you have downloaded. So this is not a map issue. Sorry, can’t help you further, I dont have a Streetpilot.

No problem. I will figure something out. Thanks for the assistance.