Unable to download map data for editing

In the past, I have used JOSM for a few edits. Recently I found some errors in the maps and I want to correct them.

I tried JOSM (Win7pro, 64-bit, Java 7.3 and (after remove and install) 7.5, JOSM 5267). I select something to download, download starts (“Downloading data… 10KB” (or 9KB or 12 KB) and a moving progress thingy) and nothing else happens. It’s stuck at 10KB. Clicking “cancel” doesn’t work, only effect it that the JOSM windows are not repainted anymore. Only way to stop JOSM is via ‘End Task’ in Windows Task Manager.

In web browsers, after I click “Bewerken” (edit), I get a sort of tool bar (with “shopping”, “food and drink” etc.) and a blank map window (yellowish, with non-functioning zoom buttons; search button works, but has no visible effect). This happens both in IE9 and Firefox 13.0.1.

It looks like everything works except that no map data can reach my computer.

Ideas anyone?

When the servers seem to have some trouble, have a look at http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Platform_Status … maybe there are already some informations about temporary errors.

Or ask in one of the populated IRC channels whether other users are also affected by download errors.

Or: use the “mirrored-download” plugin in JOSM … see http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/JOSM/Plugins/mirrored_download