uMap - Bildgröße im Infofeld des Markers ändern

Hello all,

I am a bit unsure. I haven’t worked with uMap for a while. When I click on a marker, it opens and information is displayed. And often with a picture. And it seems to me that the pictures are now displayed smaller. In my memory the pictures were bigger. Has that been changed somewhat?

Be that as it may. Can I influence how big the pictures are displayed?

In the description, something like this?
{{}}" style=“width: 800px; height:600px;”

I have a test card: Büdingen - uMap

Use the marker with test image. The image is 800 x 600px in the original.

Thanks a lot


I tried some more and found the following option in the help.

Bild 01

Bild 02

But unfortunately it does not work either.

Hello all,

does no one have an idea how I could solve this problem?