[Umap] Add a dropdown list to choose items?


I need to build a map that will 1) contain hundreds of items (POIs or routes), and 2) hide all items by default and let the user only display those (s)he wants to see. All the object belong to a single region in the world.

  1. Putting all the items in a single layer isn’t user-friendly because the map becomes extremely busy when displayed through the “Data layers” object; But this is required to list all the objects through the Browse Data object.

  1. Unsurprisingly, Umap can’t handle that many layers, where each layer would contain a single item.

  2. Alternatively, I could create ~ 20 layers, where each layer woud contain ~ 25 items, but it’s not very user-friendly either.

Ideally, I’d like to…

  1. Hide all objects
  2. Include a multiple-selection drop-down list in the interface in lieu of the Browse Data so users can just pick one or more objects to be displayed.

=> Is there a way to include such list in Umap?

Thanks for any pointer.

Try leaflet
See https://www.jan-karina.es/wandelingen/

Thanks. I tried Leaflet, but before building my own solution (server, JavaScript, commercial access to tile server, etc.), I’d like to make sure there’s no easier way to do this with Umap somehow.