Ukrainian localization

Congratulations to all. I have some questions for those users who use Ukrainian localization, because there are some questions about it on this site.

  1. Why is it used by «учасники» and not «користувачі», when most wiki projects use the second option.
  2. Why is the letter «ґ» used in tag words in some interface places? After all, as in the case of participants, it is also used almost everywhere with the usual «г».

Feel free to correct it. Translations on Translatewiki have the disadvantage that they can also be translated by people who are not users of OSM and are not familiar with its terminology. So feel free to change it.

I’m writing this after an Aced user canceled my changes, so I decided to discuss this issue here, because maybe you have some rules here, I don’t know, that’s why I created this topic.

I think it is better to discuss in Ukranian forum

Acution, h → г, g → ґ, tag → теґ, hobbit → гобіт. Please read

користувач → user, a person who uses or operates something, especially a computer or other machine.

учасник → participant, a person who takes part in something.

If you don’t know Ukrainian well, don’t try to improve the translation, just write to our forum thread.