Ukrainian Crimea standard map file decreased in size twice

I use OSMAnd+ (OSM Android) software. On 22.08.2022 I’ve made backup of OSMAnd+ by copying contents of Android\data\
Recently I moved to another Android device and today I’ve restored OSMAnd+ by copying contents of Android\data\ to new Android device.

I’ve noticed that Crimea is back to Ukraine. Whatever.
But. File size of Ukrainian Crimean standard map (offered to me by OSMAnd+) is 48 Mb, while file size of Russia Crimean standard map (I have on my device from backup) is 78 Mb. I believe it is due to details both maps contain. Therefore I believe, that Ukranian Crimea standard map is lacking.

I’ve read everything I was able to find about Crimea pertaining to OSM. I was delighted to know that DWG decided to keep OSM actually USEFUL for people. Therefore contents of OSM Crimean map was mostly in Russian language now, as it is in fact on ground.

However as a user I have a burning question: to stay up-to-date with Crimean map changes, which map file should I use?
I believe I have several options for this:

  1. Ukrainian Crimea is obviously at least twice less detailed, compared to Russian. It won’t be updated any time soon because of… you know, actual life.
  2. Russian Crimea map is out of circulation. Therefore OSMAnd+ won’t update it. But it can still use version I have.
  3. Russian South Federal District map still contains Crimea, I believe. Maybe it will be updated?

What makes you think that the Crimea map has less details? Usually OsmAnd maps contain full details (except for the road-only maps) so this feels like a wrong assumption to me.

Did you ask the OsmAnd guys about the reduced map size? Check the bottom of for a list of possible contact channels.

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