UK Territorial Waters Limits

Hi, just looking at the UK Territorial Waters Limits and they differ quite a lot from the official ones published by the UK Hydrographic Office. I notice that one can download the limits from the UKHO’s Marine Data Portal and ask to use them for other purposes, is this something that would be acceptable from the Open Street Map side? I’m brand new to this so thought I’d better ask. Many thanks.

I imagine, but don’t know, that this has already been considered.

The Hydro Office would have to be willing to make the data genuinely open data, compatible with the onward licence OSM grants to the world. Licensing Working Group can advise, I believe. Or you could ask on the GB-Talk email list which may get a faster response.

Besides which, can you give an example of a sea area where they’re different? Or is it a consistent difference all the way round the 12-mile line?