Uber planning to explore and contribute to OpenStreetMap in Colombia

Hello OSM-mappers,

We at Uber are planning to explore and contribute to OpenStreetMap in Colombia. This project will be an internal analysis for evaluation only. This project won’t involve any public display of OSM data in any Uber application or service. We do not plan to make any large-scale, machine-generated edits for this project. All edits will be made by a small team of individuals based in Palo Alto, California, USA and Bengaluru, India. The team will be using the available data sources in the JOSM tool for their corrections and validations. The edits will be made according to the Organized Editing Best Practices. In addition, Uber employees based in Colombia will be able to participate in this project by leveraging their local knowledge to help identify data issues.

For this project, our team will focus on adding and modifying the following OSM features:

Road network includes (Class, Turn restriction, Directionality etc.)
Display map features (Building Footprints, Parks, Airports etc.)

Please feel free to reach out to us with feedback, questions, and suggestions at OSM@uber.com.