Two users merged in one login

Some psychodellic issues detected :))). This post is publishied with my very old account. There are not many posts, but still some are still important, e. x. this:

Someone (also Dimon) have also interesting hardware research here:
There are many his conversatios there I understand nothing.

He never used other languages (I use several) and much experienced in linux (I know nothing about it), he never been at Άγιος Νικόλαος and does not know what means avatar МАрхИ (Moscow Architectural Institute).

Please, reanimate his account and make his posts publishied under his account, if possible.

Upd: I can not edit his posts, but actually mine are editable for me.

There are two different OSM users Dimon/dimon:

There are also two different OSM users Dimon/dimon:

Notice the lower-/uppercase D. These are two different users, although they both use the same avatar.

Are you sure there is a problem?

I just begin to receive questions on issues I understand nothing. I’m sure that it is not a big problem. Avatar unsensivity to lower-/uppercase D is a little bit strange forum programming. :roll_eyes:

Some posts of dimon are publishied by me, how it is possible? All posts of Dimon are my.
I’ve develop some icons for OSM maps in Garmin

Ok, that is an old post. I suspect this is an artifact of older forum software as you previously said you cannot not edit a post from dimon now, so it appears the forum properly recognises the difference now.

Yes, the avatar thing might be strange but maybe an artifact of the old forum as well. Perhaps I could just remove the avatar from user dimon? But I cannot tell dimon to stop using the same avatar as you, if he chooses to do that.

Cool :slight_smile: