Two tracks won't create a path

I’ve created a new trail… seems to have worked, the two trails are connected yet when I try to make a path via they won’t join.

Any ideas… here is the link to the problem area

Sorry in advance for my complete hubbard newbness.

Hi and welcome to OSM

Looks O.K. to me. I assume that ORS hasn’t updated their routing information yet. The map tiles almost immediately reflect changes in the OSM-database where other services (like routing) need some time to catch up with the main DB.

If you take a look at the lower left corner, you can see the date of the last (DB-)update.

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Hello Norm,

have you tried the routing feature on the main site where you can choose some different routing providers?

And also have a look at the OSM wiki about

But always pay attention about the date what each routing database is created from! Some are outdated.