Two questions about editing the map


I am new to OSM but really like the idea behind it and so decided to extend the map where I am around.

I already added two street names using Potlatch and currently wanted to review the changes. Before continuing I have a few questions regarding these and other changes:

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Mark 1:

The street name “Wolferoder Straße” is displayed wrong even if it has been written correctly. Maybe an OSM bug?

Mark 2:

How can I set (and see) the beginning and end of a village? I am using as well Potlatch as JOSM.
How does OSM assign parts of a street that passes through several villages to a certain city (for e.g. navigation)?
Does this happen automatically or do I have to assign the parts by hand?

Thank you in advance!

The bit that is displayed wrong seems to be on the edge of a tile. The left tile contains the first part of the street name, whist the right tile doesn’t contain the rest of the street name. I’d put this down to delays in rendering the tile. One of the tiles has been rerendered recently (probably when you made the edit), the other hasn’t been rerendered yet. I’ve seen cases like this where it can take a few days (or even a week) for the both tiles to be rerendered. I’d sit back and wait, it should be done within a week.

I’ve not seen individual roads marked as being in a certain village. However, you can mark the extent of the village by using an area. In addition the village node can be marked with the “is_in” key to show the wider area it is in (Garmin maps made with mkgmap seem to use this key when creating POIs for the village).

I use is_in:village=* tag on the way in such cases. I don’t use area, as I don’t know exact village boundaries, but seeing the road signs I know when one village ends and other starts and I consider this information important enough to be stored in OSM.