Two Norway countries on the map

Hi all.

For the second time this year there occur two type=boundary+boundary=administrative+admin_level=2 relations for Norway. One of them
Its ‘note’ tag states: “This relation represents the full country, including its dependencies…”

Another relation
has note “This relation represents only the continental part of Norway, excluding islands such as Svalbard and Jan Mayen. Another relation represents the whole of Norway. So do not tag this relation with an ISO 3166-1 code or an admin_level place=country.”

I suppose the appeal in the note not to set admin_level is useless because a relation with type=boundary+boundary=administrative requires admin_level.
Please stop edit struggle by some consistent solution. I see these options:

  1. make it boundary=administrative+admin_level=3, but does really exist an administrative unit corresponding the land part of Norway like “Metropolitan France” for France?

  2. tag it with boundary=* other than administrative.

By the way,, maybe far outdated, also describes two features with boundary=administrative+admin_level=2, which is incorrect.

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I think proposal #1 of using admin_level=3 for mainland Norway could be a good solution. I note that France and the Netherlands are using this tagging. The implications would be:

  1. admin_level=2 for The Kingdom of Norway (including Jan Mayen and Svalbard) - relation 2978650

  2. admin_level=3 for mainland Norway (“Fastlands-Norge”) - relation 1059668 + also for Jan Mayen and Svalbard relations

Not sure how it would render. It is not customary to render “Norge” on top of Svalbard, I think, however this is currently the case on (Yes, I know we are not tagging for the renderer).

And not sure what is incorrect in wiki/Norway/Administrative_grenser. The two entries describe tagging of the non-maritime and maritime boundaries, respectively.